Who We Are

Zhejiang Association of GA (ZAGA) is a not-for-profit organization that consists of people who was born, lived, studied or worked in Zhejiang province. ZAGA's main purpose is to provide support for schools located in Zhejiang province, P.R. China. ZAGA provides support to needy children from working poor and destitute families in China to receive an adequate grade k-12 education. ZAGA also provides or assists with charity services to local Chinese and American communities, and promotes Chinese culture in Georgia.

ZAGA was founded in April 2006 by many warm-hearted Zhejiang people living in the greater metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area. In the past year, it has grown from a few energetic volunteers to approximately two hundred active members. All ZAGA Board Members are volunteers from the community, and all members are welcome to contact the board to contribute their time and talent!